tiz (tron parker's sellout mix)

Hutch and I spent most of January in Fayetteville, snowed in, watching Twin Peaks and teaching ourselves Logic, Ableton and FL Studio and messing around with old tape decks just to combat the existential dread. He had just graduated in December and I had been unexpectedly fired from a job I really liked on New Years Eve. We started making music under the name TAPE.SET. 

Since moving away from Fayetteville, we’ve mostly been making stuff on our own, but Hutch sent me this track that he did a couple of weeks ago and I told him I had to remix it because the vocal chops he found were so good. 

Anyway, this is the remix. It might not be 100% done yet, (I posted another version of this when it was in progress earlier today) but it already might be my favorite thing I’ve done, which is why I’m putting it here, instead of on my music tumblr. Hutch’s version is a lo-fi masterpiece and mine’s hopefully about ready to be rapped over - listen to both of them. 


Kitty Cash’s mixtape is a really awesome showcase of female rappers and producers, which is something I’ve been waiting on for a while. You can download the continuous mix at Kitty’s Soundcloud, but I sliced out this track from Little Sims, who seems like a particularly great MC.

big questions:

They changed “Move That Dope” to “Move That Doh” for the radio - why didn’t they go ahead and change the whole hook to “Y’all needa move that doh”? 


By Any Means has shown a lot more longevity (for me) than I initially thought it would. 

Gates is a dynamic character, able to switch from manic and murderous to his version of “sensitive” in a kind of shameless fashion, and it’s awkwardly charming. Earlier in the mixtape on “I Can’t Make This Up,” he says something about “baby mommas’ kids a week apart,” and this is his tender ode to that experience, where he details watching his daughter being born via FaceTime.