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Junk Culture

—Hang Roxy (feat. Jana Hunter)

hang roxy (feat. jana hunter) by junk culture


I grabbed all those mp3s from Stereogum’s Oxford, MS feature, and I’m noticing a pattern of Baltimore musicians collaborating with Oxford musicians - it’s almost like the Oxford music scene (especially the whole Cats Purring thing) is Wham City's little sister.

This song, for instance, features Baltimore’s Lower Dens frontwoman Jana Hunter, and mixing from Chester Gwazda (affiliate of Wham City staples Dan Deacon, Future Islands).

Also, Baltimore’s Animal Collective recorded Merriweather Post Pavilion at Sweet Leaf Studio in Oxford, and signed Oxford’s Dent May to their Paw Tracks label.

Junk Culture is Deepak Mantena, and has a 7” due out soon on Illegal Art

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