Anything You Want

anything you want by spoon

I’m fairly opposed to the notion of choosing favorite bands, since there are so many great ones, but I wouldn’t feel guilty saying that Spoon was mine if someone pressured me hard enough. 

There’s something about this band that really resonates with me, emotionally. My highs and lows and everything in between can usually be expressed by way of a Spoon song. (So it would follow, then, that any song sadder than the saddest Spoon song is probably too depressing for me to relate to, and any song happier than the happiest Spoon song is just way too happy.) 

This song, especially, hits this unique combination of wistfulness and optimistic resolve that seems more emotionally legible to me than most songs. It’s technically a breakup song, I think, but it’s always seemed to me to be more about one of those big fights that you learn a lot from. 

Spoon have also mastered the amazing trick of making almost all of their songs sound like rough, tossed-off demos that have been skillfully remixed and remastered. It’s the perfect measure of obsessive tweaking and polishing of raw, careless talent, getting the best of both worlds. I happen to love the way Britt Daniel rushes and mutters the last line of this song:

you know you’re the one and that hasn’t changed since you were nineteen and still in school waiting on a light on the corner by Sound Exchange