Okie Dokie

When I saw Dan Deacon at Bumbershoot in ‘08 (there are a lot of pictures of the show right here - it was in a very unique venue, and I’m visible in several photos, most so to the right of a column in the one of the blond kid dancing by himself) Dan was playing at the same time as The Offspring.

Dan thanked all of us for coming to see him instead of The Offspring, but decided to dedicate the his show to The Offspring and had us all hold hands and chant “you gotta keep ‘em separateehhhd” in sections, and then as a round.

He also walked us through several group exercises designed to get us in the proper state of mind for the show. One involved “thinking of the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone you loved, focusing that negative energy into the tip of your finger and casting it on someone else in the crowd.”

The venue was pretty large, so there was ample space for a dance-off and a massive human tunnel as a finale. It was probably the best show I’ve ever been to.